Check Jawazat fees

Check Iqama fee check visa fee

Permanent  Visa For Family 2000
Visa for Domestic worker 2300
Exit Visa 200
Exit and Reentry Visa 1000
Muqeem card or Iqama fee for Domestic 600
Renewal IQAMA/MUQEEM CARD Fee  for Domestic worker 350
Transfer or Tanazul fee 2000
Change of Profession  on Iqama 1000
Extension of family visit visa 100

Permanent  Visa For Family

Exit and Re-entry Visa

Change of Profession  on Iqama


Extension of family visit visa

Visa for Domestic worker

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  1. Please my iqama isue

  2. Hakim din noir din

    What is fee for late renewal of aqama

  3. Nabil Abdul Majeed

    very useful information . thanks

  4. I’m living in saudia arabia on the sponsership of my father i want to know what will be the iqamma renewal fee only for my iqamma

  5. Pls check my fees and aqma renew r not aqma no 2379221621 what is problem aqma renew

  6. mahendra choudhary jagram

    Please check my fees and iqama renew or not .
    iqama no.2319210593. What is problem.

  7. Rahmanullah Ali rahman


  8. Total fees for new ikama

  9. I am new to Saudi in my company thy say my iqama fees is 4000 per year….. Plz help me I think company is taking more money…. Plz any one explain me total fees for new iqama

  10. s.mohamed hidhayathulla

    Asalamu alaikum my iqama status labour but I am technician I want to change my iqama status how can I change.How much fees

    • You should take relevant certificates of your technical field & approach for ‘Change of Profession on Iqama’ , Fee is 1000 riyal.

  11. I coming to saudi on 28 march in free visa its a helper visa wat would be new iqama fee for one-year

  12. Aslamualaikum please apply family visit visa

  13. 2328666603

  14. Sir I want to know the my iqama total fee,my iqama no.

  15. Sir I want to know the my iqama total fee,my iqama no.2407726765

  16. hi sir what is my iqama fee am aplly to driver visa in saudia arabia ?

  17. Asslam u alikum kindlgy check thiss

  18. Today my iqama expire have i can change kapeel without kapeel permission .but also niqat is green .

  19. How much will going to pay for iqama balance? Only 7 months left

  20. I have loss my iqama…what’s new iqama fee…

  21. Hello,
    I want to ask about iqama fees for first time in ksa

  22. What is duration of issuing of IQAMA normally?

  23. Ghulam dastgir

    Hi can anyone have complete info about how to change occupation on iqama
    I am a vetrinary doctor in baldia but on iqama it is unwanted……
    Kindly help me…..i need information

  24. sir what about muqtobal amal fees 2500?

  25. Please check my iqama status

  26. Plz chack my iqama fees.2166822755

  27. does the expatriate should pay there iqama?i think the company is the responsible to that.

  28. the new system of iqama now is good for 5 years but i have plan to take a exit this december 2016 do i should pay the remaining year of my iqama…because our company forcing us not take a exit they told us that if we take exit we will pay 3200 sr for the renew of iqama.please help us…

  29. میرے پاس اب اتنے پیسے نہیں ہے کہ میں اپنا عرامہ بر سکوں فلیز بولنا مت تین سال تک ہو گے فلیز فلیز ایک مجبور دل کی آواز 0501617510فون

  30. I’m working with company but I have a great offer
    Whit another kafeel, but my company the not give me tanazul so please help me if u have any way
    My company category green low

  31. the expiry date of my iqama is on august this year but they already renew it,every time if there’s a employee wants to take a exit they always say that if take exit u will pay your iqama,last year i told them that i only take a vacation but still they take 470sr in my money they say that this is pay for your remaining months of your iqama before it will expired.this december i have plan to ask help from ministry of labour about this.thank you for entertaining my question………..

  32. hi how long it will take to transfer my old information in passport into a new pasport because my exit visa was already issued in my old passport but then i have already a new passport then however my iqama is already expired,its need to be renew my iqama before it transferring the information or no need?

  33. I am new in saudi and my visa is mokawalat amil what is the iqama fee for first time

  34. Assalamalqum I have a problem of tanazon butt now my iqma is expire and already my final exit is ok now what procress is tanazol and how much total fees

  35. sir im still waiting your reply about my concern….thank you……

  36. Sir my husband died..can i now get visa for ksa

  37. I am new here in saudi arbia from pakistan how i can make my iccamma and how much fee for new iccamma

  38. Syed imtiaz ali shah barkat shah

    Please tell me about fee of reprint iqama. My name is miss printed.

  39. I heard saudi govt going to increase iqama expences.
    Is it true?

  40. Muhammad Imran butt

    Aslamoalaikum… I am new comer ….my visa mabaligh and im the 1st nafal from my kafil ….can u help me pls how much 1st iqama fees…I’m very thankful to u

  41. please tell me can i renew iqama 5 months before its expiry date

  42. Please check my iqama renew fee

  43. Please

    send me my iqama price

  44. can anyone tell me what will be the new fees of iqama renewal for1438…..plzzzz

  45. What is my iqama fee and maktab amal fee my iqama no 2397660917

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