Check the Jawzat fees

Check the Jawzat fees

This article will help you to know the detail of jawazat fees

Jawazat Title Jawazat fees in SAR
Visa for Domestic Worker 2300 SAR
Permanent Family Visa 2000 SAR
Single Exit Re Entry Visa 200 SAR
Multi  Exit Re Entry Visa 500 SAR
Iqama Fee for First time for Domestic worker 600 SAR
Iqama Fee for First time for Company  worker 650 SAR
First time Tanazul  or Transfer Sponsorship Fees 2000
Second  time Tanazul  or Transfer Sponsorship Fees 4000 SAR
Third  time and more  Tanazul  or Transfer Sponsorship Fees 6000 SAR
Change your Profession Fees 1000 SAR
Hajj Tasreeh Fees 2000 SAR
Family Visa Single Entry 2000 SAR
How to check jawazat fee

Check Jawazat fee



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