Hajj 2016 Packages

Hajj is an Important  one of the five pillar of Islam.  Saudi Government hosted the Hajj in  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hajj is  the greatest Muslim pilgrimage to Makkah ,  in the last month of Islamic Calendar. All Muslims  perform Hajj at least one time  during all life time  if  they afford economically  as well as physically.


Hajj Packages

following table contain the information of Hajj Package

Grade of Hajj Plan Package of Hajj Plan
A 5000/SAR
A1 4800/SAR
A2 4400/SAR
B 4150/SAR
C 3900/SAR
D-1  3500/SAR
D-2  3000/SAR


If you interstested to apply for hajj  Click Here

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  1. Dear Sir

    please inform me about hajj permit, that for how many days tasreeh will be valid and they will provide these facilities during hajj,? according to hijjri or Georgian dates please


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