Engineers jobs

If you are engineer  want to join the Consolidated Contractors Company 3cc  this article will help you to online apply for engineering job         Job Title Job Description Company Name Online Apply Automation Engineer Automation engineers are highly skilled IT professionals Consolidated Contractors Company 3cc Apply now  Geomatics Engineer The Geomatics/Surveying Engineer shoud have a bachelor in ... Read More »

Exam for New expatriate Engineer

Saudi Council of Engineers decide that an exam and a interview will be held for new engineers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to getting engineer jobs. Saudi Council of Engineers  also described the minimum 3 years work experience is compulsory for Engineers Benefits After this exam you can get job easily and salary will be increase. If you are new ... Read More »

Saudi Council of Engineers Online Registration

If you are Engineer and you are in Saudi Arabia and want to job here then you must to register in Saudi Council of Engineers.  This article help you to understand the online  registration procedure  in Saudi Council  of Engineers, following steps help you to get membership of Saudi Council of Engineers. Saudi Council of Engineers Registration Procedure Step 1 ... Read More »

Enjoy Green Card in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Government of  Saudi Arabia explain the requirement to getting green card of Saudi Arabia If you fulfill the following requirement you can get Saudi green card       How to get green card in saudi arabia   Investor  If you are investor and want to invest in Saudi Arabia you are eligible for Saudi green card. Experts  If ... Read More »

Foreman Jobs in Consolidated Contractors Company

 3cc construction company saudi Foreman Jobs in Consolidated Contractors Company   Consolidated Contractors Company need foreman if your interseted to be join 3cc company online apply online     For Civil Foreman  jobs If you want to apply for Civil Foreman job click the following button Read More »

Hajj permit for Saudi residents 2016

Hajj permit for Saudi residents 2016 This article helpful for those who intend to perform Hajj. If you are living in Saudi Arabia and want to perform Hajj this year Saudi government provide facility to apply for hajj permit online via Hajj officially site of Saudi government. How to apply for Hajj TASTREEH 2016 Step 1, Visit the official site ... Read More »

Hajj 2016 Packages

Hajj is an Important  one of the five pillar of Islam.  Saudi Government hosted the Hajj in  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hajj is  the greatest Muslim pilgrimage to Makkah ,  in the last month of Islamic Calendar. All Muslims  perform Hajj at least one time  during all life time  if  they afford economically  as well as physically. Hajj Packages following table ... Read More »

STC Sawa Internet Package

STC Sawa Internet Package, STC Sawa Internet Offer STC  offer their customer to enjoy internet with there affordable internet packages Sawa, STC Monthly Internet Package Sawa offer you to use Monthly Internet Packages How to activate STC internet package Following table contain the monthly sawa STC Internet Package detail. Sawa offer you to get internet package on your STC SIM Card ... Read More »

Galaxy s7 Edge review and Price in Saudi Arabia

         Review of Samsung Galaxy S7  Features, News Releasing Date At last the The Samsung  officially provide  some information about the Samsung S7 ‘s launching and much more like about its body shape and some other features but still there is a lot of rumor about it. Galaxy s7 (Awesome and New Feathers of Galaxy S7)     ... Read More »