What is tanazul?

legally transfer from one kafeel/sponsor or company to another kafeel/sponsor or company is called Tanazul .

Some days before the process of tanazul  was very  long. Now a days because of  technology , the process is quick and easy




What is the procedure of Tanazul ?/ How can i get Tanazul?

If you want  to Tanazul  to a new Kafeel/sponsor or  a new company, you should follow the below steps.

1 First of all  your new Kafeel/company will  send an online request to the Ministry of Labor

2  The Ministry of Labor send that request to your current kafeel or company for approval the request.

3 If  the request is approved by  your current kafeel or company , your transfer is almost complete in the system of Ministry of Labor

4. Now Ministry of Labor send it  to Ministry of Interior (Jawazat) system online.

5 After this , your new company  will be  deposit the (2000 SAR )Transfer Fee for  your  new Iqama.

6 Now  your new Kafeel  will  submit  a form attach  2 passport size photo, your  original passport and original Iqama

7 In last step  Ministry of Interior will  confirm  your tanazul/transfer and will issue your new Iqama with the new kafeel or company name.



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  1. Hii m a house driver want to change proffesion and sponsorship is this possible.

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