Unlimited Internet Package

Mobily Unlimited Internet Package

Mobily offer to their customer to enjoy the unlimited internet package. If you are mobily customer now you can get benefits of unlimited usage of internet data .

Mobily Unlimited Internet

For using unlimited internet package read the following table and know how can get unlimited offer.

Validity  Time One month 3 month 6 Month 1 YEAR
Sim 130 SAR 275 SAR 500 SAR 974 SAR
SIM Plus Router 350 SAR 450 SAR 650 SAR 1100 SAR
 Package Data  Unlimited Internet   Unlimited  Internet Unlimited  Internet Unlimited  Internet

Mobily 4G Internet package

Mobily Unlimited Internet

Mobily Unlimited Internet

For best  performance, you must be  ensure to insert the Internet  SIM in  your  mobily router or in your mobile phone  that  supports  4G network

and also be sure that Your location must be covered with  mobily 4G network.

How to Check the 4G  Coverage
In case to check the 4G coverage You can check the 4G coverage  through the Mobily official  website  following address is the mobily offical website

Renew Mobily Unlimited  Internet  Package.

Mobily offer their customer to renew the Internet Package

Following table contain the  Renewal subscribe Price

Time Price
1 Month 120
3 Month 250
6 Month 450
12 Moth 1 year 950

4G Unlimited Offer

Mobily offer the Unlimited 4G   Package

Mobily Customer can Subscribe  the package of  Unlimited 4G bundle via  router just in  650 SAR only.

For further detail check the following table

Name of Package Package Price Free
Mobily Unlimited 6 Month 650 SAR Router free
Mobily Unlimited 1 year 1,200 SAR Router free
4G Router only 180 SAR NOTHING




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